With all that’s gone on during the past few days, what IS so damned funny?

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The Holidays weren’t all so ho-ho-ho for me.  These things happen.  So it goes.  I am grateful for what I do have and after a few choice conversations and revelations over the past few days, I have recovered and will continue on.  I’ve many many more robots to draw and funny stuff to write.


Rise of the Robotoids!

I’m up to choreographing the first “battle” (such as it is) in my “Robot Story.”  Kevin’s RPG character, Kwan-Ji, goes toe-to-toe with Robbie the Robot (Forbidden Planet) and B-9 (Lost In Space) and doing a sh*t-ton of research (because that’s what I do). 

I can honestly say that I never knew (or really cared about) the history of these two 50’s/60’s robots.  But being as they’re gracing a page (well, part of a page) in my story and I want to make they’re appearance authentic and enjoyable for those of you who do have fond memories of these guys, well—I’m trying my best.

Here are my (very quick) sketches of the robots in question…


B-9 SketchRobbie Sketch


…and here are a few funny videos of these mechanical muttonheads.


Oh, the 50’s future… how things have changed!


I bet this was the first time I saw the “live” Robbie”





So there you have it—a tiny robotoid preview.  Beware-- the Robot Skelton Army is on the rise! 


It’s a beginning…

I created this to help promote my Blink & Sam’s Awesomesauce Adventure (which I’m currently in the middle of scripting/laying out).

Click to read more ...


There will be robots…

Hanks' World Awesomesauce logo


Here’s the logo for the “Robot Story” that I’m working on for Allen Freeman’s SLAM BANG comics anthology and as you can see, the title is "BLINK & SAM’S AWESOMESAUCE ADVENTURE.” (If the logo/design/layout is confusing to you, PLEASE say so now!)

It’s going to be an 8 page Hank’s World story and feature Blink and Sam joining in a sci-fi role-playing game session with Hank and his friends Amy, Kevin and Joshua.  (Think of Hank’s World as a spin-off series of Blink.) The group will be playing an old space-opera action-adventure game called “Star Frontiers” (I played the game in the 80’s and it’s although it’s officially out-of-print, thanks to enthusiastic fans, it’s still available to play).   The “Awesomesauce Adventure” will be split between the “real world” (at Hank’s house with everyone sitting at the table with plenty of paper, pencils, dice, soft drinks & snacks) and the “gaming world.” (with plenty of rampaging robots).

Here’s what Amy, Kevin & Josh look like in the “real world”:

Amy Sketch 1Kevin head sketch Joshua Trimble sketch 1

And these are their “game world” characters:

Hanks' World Gang Sketch

I also have the outfits that Blink and Sam will wear in the “real world:”

Blink's Awesomesauce Adventure --Real-- outfitSam's Awesomesauce Adventure Outfit


Blink is going to “get into character” for the game, but if/how that’s going to differ from her “real world” persona is still to be determined.  Sam, however, could not care less about “getting into character.” 


I’ll be posting the work here as I complete it (in its various stages).  Please feel free to comment and make suggestions.


The BLINK Bookshelf Store is NOW OPEN!

Do you see the new “Blink Bookshelf” widget to the left?  That hyperlink leads to my ALL-NEW online shop!  I’ve tried using a few different online selling options in the past, but they’ve rarely worked out to my satisfaction.  I’m hopeful that this eCrater web store will actually WORK.  As far as I can tell, it’s actually FREE for me to use (big plus for a cheapskate like me) and hopefully it’s easy for readers/purchasers to use!  I can accept PayPal,  Money Orders (and I think credit cards).

I’ve just got a couple things up.  More to come!