Columbus + (Comics+Education) x 2 = :)



This autumn, there will be TWO Major Comics Educational Events happening in Columbus! 

MIX will be happening at CCAD on September 27 and 28. MIX is Columbus College of Art & Design’s second annual symposium and exhibition dedicated to the diverse art form of comics. It features panels, roundtables, and workshops with scholars and artists from across the country as well as Columbus' thriving comics scene.

Then, just seven weeks later, The Festival of Cartoon Art & Grand Opening of the NEW Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum is happening on November 14-17 at OSU. There's a two-day academic conference (Thurs and Fri), a two-day "Festival Forum" (Sat & Sun), "An Evening with the Hernandez Brothers" on Saturday night and there will be two new gallery exhibits. Actually, the whole shebang is NEW. The library (in its former location) is closed and they will open at their new digs on September 9, 2013 in their new home in Sullivant Hall, 1813 N. High Street. I'm looking forward to their Grand Opening on Novemeber 15th. :)

There will be many hometown comic creators participating in each event and comic book rock star Jeff Smith will be a featured guest at both. I’ll be one of the panelists at MIX@CCAD and one of the many attendees at FCA@OSU


The Door is Now Open

After many months of being “almost finished” and “nearly done” and “just about there” it is my pleasure to announce that the final edition of BLINK: So It Goes, Chapter 2 – “…To Go With This Doorknob!” is now ready for purchase!

Here are the options for purchasing the book:

  • You can buy it right now at the CreateSpace store. (That’s who prints the books; much like Ka-Blam, but less expensive.)
  • It will also be available on Amazon in just a few days (if you like your shipping free).
  • If you want to buy it at a comic shop or directly from me you’ll have to wait a few weeks. I’ll need to

There are a few things that make this chapter special: It’s something of a “Blink-solo” story, it features the most “Columbus cameos” I’d ever done (in one single story), it also features the most variety of characters (two of those characters are based on my parents) and it’s got one of the sweetest “best friend” moments I’ve ever created. The entire book is 86 pages—42 pages are story, all the rest is filled with very cool extras! 

If you’re in need of previous Blink books, you can buy them here and here.


“Jane Ink, Max Eyre”

I’d like to tell you about this piece of art I did that was a part of a much larger work of art.

I drew a picture (I do that a lot). It was a picture of two characters, Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester... perhaps you’ve heard of them? They’re the main protagonists in the classic novel by Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre. I wouldn’t normally draw a picture with characters from a 166 year old novel, but I did. Why? Because my friends at the Available Light Theatre company asked me to. Well, they asked if I’d like to draw one of their posters for their 2012-13 season. Each season, AVLT comes up with a bold and unique visual theme which runs through all the promotional materials for their shows. This time around, they chose a comic book theme (there are a number of comic book lovers in the company). Being as Columbus is “poised to be the next big hub for comic books,” Matt Slaybaugh (AVLT’s Artistic Director and chief comic book lover) asked a number of local artists to create posters based on classic comic book covers.

For example:

Art by Jeremy Sorrell

Art by Jeremy Sorrell

Art by Drew Jones

Art by Drew Jones

Art by Michael Neno

Art by Michael Neno

Art by Clinton Reno

Art by Clinto Reno

(I’ll let you figure out what original comic book covers these fine posters emulate.)

The artists created the images and the astoundingly multi-talented Michelle Whited composed all the text in order to thoroughly emulate the original publications.

And so, here I come, bringing up the rear (as it were) with my poster for JANE EYRE: A Memory, A Fever, A Dream. I chose John Byre’s classic X-Men #137 as my source material. It seemed fitting to feature Jane and Edward standing in for Jean and Scott. (If you’re familiar with both books, you’ll “see” the irony (it was purely coincidental) of the Scott/Edward pairing.)

JANE EYRE: A Memory, A Fever, A Dream

I saw the play on Saturday and was totally blown away by its brilliance. The adaptation by playwright Daniel Elihu Kramer is superb. Acacia Duncan's direction as excellent. The four actors-- Jeff Horst, Elena Perantoni, Michelle G. Schroeder, and Robyn Rae Stype embody their characters as fully as I’ve ever experienced (and each actor plays multiple roles—kinda like Monty Python—so that’s really saying something!)..

I could gush about it plenty more, but these reviews say it all.

So, Jane Eyre: A Memory, A Fever, A Dream is running for the next three weeks, until June 8. I strongly suggest that you set an evening aside between now, reserve your tickets now (they have a limited number of Pay-What-You-Want tickets at the door, but that’s on a first come, first served basis), get yourself to the Riffe Center, Studio One and see this fabulous event.


SPACE 2013 (Down to Earth)

I'll be at SPACE this weekend, talking up and selling the Rough Cut Edition of BLINK: So It Goes, Chapter 2-- "...To Go With This Doorknob!" It's a 48-page booklet (42 pages of story, and a cover) that I've made especially for this weekend.

I've printed all of 50 copies of this exclusive edition and hope it will sell out at the show. We'll see. No matter what, I'm sure to have a great time at the show. 



Sketchbook Strip Quip #3